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1200-2400W Mixed Flow Filter Kit – Hyperfan V2 150 with Progrow 150 x 500

AUD $400.00

Totale Prodotto: 400


1200-2400W Mixed Flow Filter Kit – Hyperfan V2 150 with Progrow 150 x 500

  • Hyperfan: 150 @ 560 m³/h
  • Progrow Filter: 150 x 500 @ 807 m³/h 

Hyper Fan V2 – with Fan Speed Controller

The Phresh Hyper fan uses next generation Multi-Phase EC Motors that energises the motor 12 times per revolution. Power delivery to the fan blade is smooth, ultra efficient and vibration free. This fan uses up to half the power and produces half the heat of current leading industry mixed flow fans. This results in greatly reduced energy costs, less wear, improved reliability and increased lifespan. The Phresh Hyper fan produces up to 2.4 inches of Water Gauge pressure. The highest pressure of any fan in its class, delivering more air movement through ducting, carbon filters or air cooled hoods. Detachable speed controller is included. They re smooth, quiet and efficient, offering benefits that professional users want with commercial-grade quality across the board. Hyper Fans are designed and built with many features that increase longevity, reduce operating costs, and drastically lower heat output.

Best in its class, the Phresh Hyper fan delivers the highest CFM s per watt of any fan in the industry. Hyper fan s develop higher static pressures and higher airflows than any other mixed flow fans in the market. They are the answer to a unified environmental solution for your garden. Every fan includes a detachable, fully-adjustable speed control. In addition to the highest airflow and highest attic pressure, Hyper fan s have the lowest power consumption, ensuring the best performance and the lowest cost of ownership. The State-of-the-art Digital DC motor is reliable and long lasting. Laminar flow blades and stators for best efficiency of any line of fans


  • EC digital brushless motors are quieter, operate at lower temperature, are energy efficient & reliable.
  • High Pressure Laminar Air Flow/Taper Blade & Stator Technology
  • Multi-phase Technology
  • Soft Start Technology
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Bearings & Shorter Motor Shaft for smooth operation.



  6″ Hyper Fan 8″ Hyper Fan 10″ Hyper Fan 12″ Hyper Fan
Size 150MM 200MM 250MM 300MM
Max Air Flow 560 M³/h 1230 M³/h 1840 M³/h 2890 M³/h
RPM 4600 3800 3200 3200
Max Watts 42W 90W 180W 320W
Peak Amps 0.3A 0.55A 1.1A 2.8A
Rated Voltage 220-240V 220-240V 220-240V 220-240V
Weight 1.9KG 2.8KG 4.8KG 7.4KG
DBA 66 69 72 73
Diameter 150MM 200MM 250MM 300MM
Length 125MM 160MM 200MM 260MM

Progrow Filters

Progrow might not be a name you’re familiar with just yet but don’t let that put you off. Progrow brings together decades of experience in all aspects of hydroponics and commercial gardening to develop a range of products that is innovative, cost effective and designed with growers in mind.

Progrow carbon filters are the result of years of development and testing in real world situations to find the most effective carbon grade and filter design. Progrow filters are constructed from galvanised steel rather than aluminium to make them easier to transport and less likely to become dented (internet sales). They feature clever built-in hanging brackets to aid fitment and come in discreet packaging.

The more internal surface area carbon has the greater it’s capacity to absorb odours and the longer it will last. Progrow use virgin granular 4/12 graded carbon which is a larger size than some other brands, this is the reason Progrow filters have great airflows. The more dust carbon a filter contains the harder any fan pulling through it will have to work to move air.

Our carbon beds are a set width because in our experience more carbon doesn’t necessarily make a better filter. It’s important to remember that when filtering air the amount of time odours are in contact with the carbon bed is a fraction of a second. The quality and effectiveness of carbon is much more important than how much of it there is. Added to this the fact that the deeper the carbon bed the harder your fans will have to work to move air through it. Progrow filters have a 50mm bed, which we believe is the most sensible compromise between lifespan and airflow.

The carbon is sourced from Australia due to it’s consistent quality and unique composition which provides a greater internal surface area than carbon from any other part of the world. Don’t be fooled by other brands marketing their carbon as 4/12, if it’s not Australian virgin granular 4/12 it’s not the same.


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