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All in one Foliar Spray for all indoor and outdoor plants.

Rock Absorbalight – an additional supplement which feeds through the foliage rather than through the roots. Provides direct energy for chlorophyll production helping to restore the loss of natural photosynthetic power. 
Absorbalight will increase light absorbing chloroplasts, increase light interception and utilisation whilst providing your plants with the necessary nutrients, amino acids and protein production.

Absorbalight maximizes your plants’ natural response to costly lighting. It is also beneficial if growing outdoors to absorb maximum exposure to natural sunlight. It can be used in the smallest of areas, such as grow huts and tents, where space is an issue restricting artificial light. It allows more light to be absorbed even with a single 400-600W lamp to allow your plants to achieve their maximum natural photosynthetic power.

Absorbalight provides Krebs cycle metabolites to enhance cell efficiency. But the best part about Absorbalight is that it is easy to use and there is no need to pay out more money for other products to make the spray stick to your foliage, as Absorbalight has a built-in wetting agent as well as being more concentrated.

• Best foliar spray on the market
• No need for extra wetting agents
• Can be used indoors and outdoors
• Highly concentrated
• Easy to use


Shake well before use. Add 50mls to 950mls (50ml/qt or 200ml/gal) of water, no other products or adjusting required! Spray at least 4 hours before the end of lighting period, spray all foliage covering all the leaves top and bottom. Spray the entire plant every two to three days throughout the growth and first half of the bloom phase.