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Crown 250 watt (Daylight, Quite Red)

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Crown 250 watt (Daylight, Quite Red)

CFL – Compact Fluorescent Lamp

The Crown CFL lamp is specially designed to produce supplementary light for your indoor plants.  It is internally ballasted so no installation is necessary. Simply screw the blub into the holder and it’s ready to go.

The lamps low power consumption and long operational life make it a highly cost effective product. You will notice the savings in your electricity bill immediately. Besides that, it hardly radiates any heat, which makes it safe and ideal for home usage.

It’s available in two spectrum ranges:

Daylight 6400K – appropriate for green plants or growth stages.

Quite Red 2700K – appropriate for flowering plants plants in bloom.



  • No ballast required
  • Reaches optimum light output in less than 3 minutes
  • Ideal for side or bottom lighting
  • Wattage and lumen output remains constant during operation
  • Very high lumen per watt ratio
  • Minimal heat
  • Lower closer to plant


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