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Cyclone Rooting Gel 75ml

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Cyclone Rooting Gel 75ml

Cyclone will give your cuttings the best opportunity to thrive and grow through the initial stages of it’s life.

Cyco Cyclone is a rooting hormone designed for cuttings. Cyclone, a bright red liquid/gel, will rapidly accelerate root development with the vital hormones it contains.

How to Use Cyclone Rooting Gel:

  1. Pour Cyclone into a measuring cup
  2. Dip your cutting into the Cyclone rooting gel
  3. Place in a cloning cube / plug or cloning machine.
  4. Do not reuse the gel which has been used for cuttings to prevent cross contamination

​​​​​Background of Cyclone Rooting Gel:

Cyclone Rooting Gel was formulated & rigorously tested over many years by Cyco’s customers before being released into the global market. As with all Cyco Platinum Series products, Cyclone needed to be a premium product which produced premium results for valued Cyco customers.

Benefits of Cyclone Rooting Gel:

  • Root Accelerator
  • Increases Root Growth.
  • Easy to use
  • Provides essential hormones needed for root development & growth.
  • For use on cuttings of all types, including woody / herbaceous species /ornamentals.
  • For use on softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings.
  • APVMA Approved (Australian Regalatory body)


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