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Dutch Master Potash+ 1L

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Dutch Master Potash+ 1L

New Gold Range POTASH+ is the latest of technologies in phosphorous and potassium boosters!

The original Dutch Master POTASH+ was one of the first P-K boosters to be offered to all international growers. It contained multiple suites of various bloom boosting elements and proved itself to be a ‘best seller’ in the worldwide hydroponics industry.

New Gold Range POTASH+ contains all of the original formulas benefits with added next generation synergistic micro-element binding technology. Dutch Master sourced the finest bio-available British and US Pharmaceutical grade phosphorus and potassium and blended them with a specialized suite of synergistic micro-elements that have proven to be exactly what a plant wants and needs.

Dutch Master recently discovered the plants genetically controlled flowering pathways and how to deliver those elements required for optimal blooms to where they’re needed most – the flowers themselves! Gold Range POTASH+ is one of the best ways to maximize your plants natural genetic flowering potential!

The end result is a brand new P-K Bloom Boosting product that leans on the latest technologies to give you, the grower, the leading edge in Bloom Boosting hydroponic tank additives.

Gold Range POTASH+ is designed specifically for use with all growing media and its high performance action performs equally well in any grow system – totally universal.










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