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Secret Jardin

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Secret Jardin – Lodge Grow Tent

Secret Jardin Lodge Grow Tent is lined with a 95% reflective Mylar fabric to increase light intensity and distribution, ensuring you get the best possible results for your plants. The L90 is lightproof, waterproof and is equipped with openings for ducting and ventilation. Sturdy equipment bars are supplied with this tent to support reflectors and carbon filters. There are also pre-made holes for cables, making the growing experience as convenient and easy as possible. All tent material is washable (inside and out), light, compact and easy to assemble.

The Secret Jardin Lodge allows for 3 separate growing areas where you can individually organise your plants. This is perfect for those catering to young plants and those in the propagation stage, with the Lodge both can experience what they need without compromising each other. Newest member of the Revision 2.50, the new Lodge line offers 2 in 1 stations, which allow you to enjoy a space Bloom and an area for Propagation in the same tent. The shorter height the Lodge line provides opportunities for installation in small spaces and/or with little height (under slopes, lofts, …), which is a real revolution for a tent offering two separate spaces.


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