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Secret Room 240 x 240 x 200cm

AUD $595.00

Totale Prodotto: 595



Size: 240 x 240 x 200cm

Secret Room Tents have been designed to allow you to grow in a well-controlled, discreet environment. With a large range of different shapes and sizes to suit all growers, finding the perfect tent for your needs is simple and easy. Our tent range is well suited for all options – from seedling and cloning, growing either a single plant or multiple medium to large trees or drying and harvesting.

All Secret Room tents are 100% light proof, water resistant and air tight. The interior of the tent  is made from high quality Mylar foil, with a thick, durable, black exterior. A removable waterproof spill tray makes for extra protection against accidental spillages and ease of cleaning.

Each tent has 19mm Steel Structural Poles, Quick lock, push and click steel fittings and heavy duty double metal zippers. There are multiple entry and exhaust ducting ports, which allows for easy installation of fresh air fans and ductwork, carbon filters, and exhaust fan. All ducting ports have dual ventilation sleeves which are easy to seal, allowing no light leakages. There are also dual ventilated sleeves for electrical cables.

Tent sizes range from small, medium and large, and also come in two different height sizes – either 2m or 2.3m. All tents are equipped with one or more viewing window, allowing the grower to check their plants without opening the tent zippers. Our medium and larger tents have been designed with an additional side or rear door, creating multiple entry points, allowing the grower to access plants from all angles.


  • 100% Light Proof
  • High Quality Mylar Foil Interior
  • Multiple Access Doors
  • Viewing Windows
  • Removable Floor Tray
  • Dual Ventilation Ducting Ports
  • Heavy Duty Double Metal Zippers
  • Heavy Duty 19mm Steel Structural Poles
  • Quick Lock, Push and Click Steel fittings


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