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Harvest Dry Bag

AUD $380.00

Totale Prodotto: 380


Harvest Dry Bag

Dried product is precious, but time is more valuable. When a big harvest arrives, trimming can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Using the Harvest Dry Bag speeds up the process and leaves users with a polished and desired result.

The Harvest Dry Bag is a high-quality and innovative way to remove excess leaf matter from the dried product in no time.

Harvest bag works using friction trimming.  It’s lightweight and portable design means users can pick it up easily and start using.

Simply start by shaking in a few rotations. De-leaf in up to twenty rotations with the easy-to-use grab handles.

Simply clip and zip! The Harvest Dry Bag weighs less than 5kg and the carry case is included. This handy carry case is ideal for storage and trimming on the go. It’s also super easy to clean, easy to store and easily folds away after use. It only takes a few seconds to fold down a Harvest Dry Bag.

The Harvest dry Bag is a super simple and lightweight design. The premium quality, heavy-duty fabric lining with strong military-grade durable zips and mesh for endless trimming action and super easy to clean, guarantees years of trimming action.

No blades or endless accessories, just plastic mesh which protects and separates the end-product effortlessly. This means that there are no perishable parts so guarantees the Harvest Dry Bag lasts for longer.

The Harvest Dry Bag is a time-saver. Harvest in minutes instead of hours and still achieve outstanding results with the end-product intact and leaf-free.


  • High-quality trimming bag
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Simple and lightweight design
  • Long-lasting
  • Saves time

Zipped and folded away – 54cm x 14cm
Unzipped and open – 54cm x 50cm
Weight: 4.5kg




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