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420 Beneficial Bacteria

AUD $30.00AUD $55.00



420 Premium Beneficial Bacteria

Defend your plants against Pythium and other root disease with 420 beneficial bacteria and fungal inoculant!

  • contains 28 different species of bacterium and enzymes
  • rapid 8 hour activation
  • fully stable, 2 year unrefrigerated shelf life
  • totally soluble
  • breaks down organic matter into plant useable nutrient
  • ensures the cleanest, whitest and healthiest root system from cuttings to harvest
  • used by countless commercial hydroponic growers worldwide
  • 100 % organic
  • Completely harmless to plants, animals, fish and humans
  • Creates a biological balance, even in poor environmental conditions
  • Proudly made in South Australia!

note: will not affect nutrient strength