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AUD $480.00

Totale Prodotto: 480



The Flexstar 240w LED Grow Light is designed in California USA and is an electronic horticultural LED fixture to be used in greenhouses or in climate controlled rooms. . Flexstar is a leading brand In Horticulture Led Lighting. This led grow light is suitable for a 1m x 1m area. As a general guide 320w of light per 1 square meter, also more light = bigger yeilds. Make sure you invest in top quality led grow lights like our Flexstar range. Check out the Flexstar reviews on you tube.

Why invest in led Lighting?

Power cost. At the end of the day, you can expect to save up enough money on your energy bill to cover the cost of investing in this more efficient technology. Commercial growers will save even more when taking advantage of utility rebates!

Heat. By investing in LED technology instead of HPS, you’ll help mitigate the heat production in your growing space. LEDs produce far less heat, partly due to their efficiency, partly due to the technology itself.

These heat reductions are further complimented when you factor in the modern-day design of LED’s – the open bar styles help heat dissipate above the fixture rather than below, right above the canopy.

Lifespan. Leds are built with LED diodes, which can have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours! HPS bulbs on the other hand, need to be replaced up to a few times every year.

Light Quality. Spectrum describes the different wavelengths of light a fixture puts out. Ideally – you grow with a light that is full-spectrum, just like the sun.

So which technology – LED or HPS – puts out a more optimized light spectrum for plant growth? That would be – yet again – LEDs.

-Dimming option: 240W: 40% / 50% / 60% / 80% / 100% / EXT OFF

-powered by Samsung diodes

– Slim design
– Full spectrum
– High efficacy: 2.3 μmol/J
– Energy saving